“Women should not be allowed to go out and work... it’s against the Islamic law…
by working they are taking the men’s role and that is haram…. “

“What!” Nurul who is sitting few desks away scream in protest. About to stand up
but shamsiah who is sitting beside her pull her down. “You are going to sit here
and listen to this shit!”

“No... But let him have his say lah…. Then when your time to talk... you put up your
hand and talk lah… accordingly”

“They should also not be allowed to wear pants…. Pants are only for man”
continued Wahab as he stood looking so please with himself, thinking his
statement will get applause from the other students.

Nurul put up her hand… even before Cikgu Manaf indicate to allow her to speak,
she stood up “That is the most stupid assertion I have ever come across…. May I
ask you one question my honorable opposition member… as you said women is
not allowed to go out to work… and by doing so is taking away the rights of the
man… trying to become man and as such is haram in Islam…. What happen then
if the women’s husband died… and she has no one to support her…? What is to
become of her…? And her children too….. To beg on the street and go from door
to door begging from other people’s mercy… tell me please? “

“I’m not the one to say this….its in the Quran” Wahab trying to defend himself…

“because you are the one who brought up this up then you answer me… how are
the women to support themselves if she is not allow to go out to work? How?
Begging? So woman is only fit to be a wife… and be confine to the home … to go
out to work to earn an honest living so that she can support her children is
haram? Come on tell me? another you mention about women wearing pants.. I
like to comment on that”

“Look I am not the one who make this up… it’s in the Quran...”

“No I think it’s you and the likes of you who make all these statement…. I believe
you and many like you have misinterpreted the Quran altogether….”

There was silence in the class. The other students were looking at the two of
them….moving their attention from one speaker to another as they speak.  This is
not the first time these two students clash during class debate. Both are fiery
speakers and both are complete opposite of each other character.  

“Okay… I think we should stop at this…..” Cikgu Manaf cut in “we shall continue
another time….with another topic.”

“That was one hell of a debate you just got yourself into Nurul” commented
Fatimah as they were walking towards the school canteen “you should see the
look at Wahab face when you told him he has misinterpreted the Quran”

“ya! I saw that too” interrupt Shamsiah “he don’t look that happy… as if you have
just insulted him in public”

“I’m told his family is very pious Muslims lah…. Father I think a religious teacher
in a surau in his kampong”

“Let him be… I care not. He talk stupid... how can you expect me to sit and listen
to all that garbage?”

Hamidah the other Malay girl in the class came to join them at the table “I heard
the boys talking while lining up for food. You know Nurul they have just made you
their public enemy no 1”

“They have eh! I am honored”